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Lifang elevator teach you to take the elevator safety awareness

Time: 2021-06-02 14:14:48 Source: Jiangxi Lichuang Elevator Engineering Co., LTD

一、Jiangxi ElevatorIn each service landing station, there are floor doors, car running direction indicator light, mathematical car display, running position indicator and elevator call button。When the elevator call button is used, press the up direction button upstairs and press the direction button downstairs。

2. When the car arrives, the floor direction indication shows the direction of the car. Passengers enter the car after judging the direction they want to go and confirming that the elevator is normal, pay attention to the closure of the door, and do not stay at the junction between the floor door and the car door。

3. There are position display, control panel, opening and closing button and floor selection button in the car。After entering the car, press the floor selection button to go to the floor。To close the car door immediately, press the close button。Car floor location indicator indicates arrival on the floor and departure when the car door opens。

4. The rated load of the elevator is 13 people, and it cannot be run. Please exit when the personnel are loaded。

Fifth, the passenger elevator can not often be used as a cargo elevator, and it is not allowed to load flammable and explosive products。

6, when the elevator occurs abnormal phenomenon or failure, it should be maintained, you can call the rescue phone in the car, must not arbitrarily pry the door and attempt to escape from the car。

7. Passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door, smoking and littering in the car, and keep the car clean and sanitary。

8. Passengers should take good care of the elevator facilities and should not randomly press the button and pry the car door。

9, the driver should strictly perform the duties of the post, the elevator should not stay away from the post during operation, and the fault should be timely handled and reported。

10, do not allow the driver to repair, emergency stop button as the normal exercise before the start to eliminate the call signal;It is not allowed to use the repair speed when the floor and car doors are open;It is not allowed to open the top trap door and door of the car;It is not permitted to ship long items at overhaul speed;The lifting or closing of the manual car door is not allowed to be used as the starting or stopping function of the elevator;Sudden changes during exercise are not allowed。

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