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Jiangxi Lichuang elevator application understanding

Time: 2021-06-04 07:12:06 Source: Jiangxi Lichuang Elevator Engineering Co., LTD

Jiangxi LichuangPassenger elevator,Jiangxi ElevatorElevators designed to transport passengers require adequate facilities and interior decoration。

Cargo elevator, mainly designed for the transport of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator。

Elevator, designed for the transport of hospital beds, stretchers, cars and elevators, the car has a long and narrow characteristics。

Miscellaneous elevator, designed for libraries, office buildings, hotels to transport books, documents, food, etc。

Sightseeing elevator: An elevator with transparent car walls for sightseeing。

Vehicle elevator, used as an elevator to transport vehicles。

A ship elevator, an elevator used on a ship。

Building construction elevator, building construction and maintenance elevator。

Jiangxi ElevatorOther types of elevators, in addition to the above commonly used elevators, there are also some uses of elevators, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighters with elevators, oblique elevators, nuclear island elevators, etc。

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